Toughened glass is 3-4 times tougher than standard glass. It has an increased resistance to sudden changes in temperature.

It has a high resistance to bending and impact, which makes toughened glass a material often used in modern architecture.

When broken, toughened glass breaks safely, i.e. it breaks into small pieces with blunt edges, thus reducing the consequences of possible injury to a minimum.

The manufacture of toughened glass consists in subjecting the finally shaped glass pane (dimension, edge treatment, possible holes, undercuts) to heating and rapid cooling. As a result of this process, compressive stresses are generated on the surface of the glass, while the tensile stresses in the interior are compensated.

Places of application:

  • shower cabins
  • glass balustrades
  • glass doors
  • partition walls and units entirely made from glass
  • glass canopies
  • laminated glass landings
  • sliding doors
  • tabletops and shelves
  • multiple glazed units