Laminated safety glass VSG is created by permanent gluing of two or more panes with the use of foil.

Standard types of VSG laminated glass:
22.1 , 33.1 , 44.1 , 44.2 , 55.1 – ( frost effect/clear )

We manufacture all kinds of laminated glass packages made of optiwhite or float glass – up to 50 mm thick and with max. dimensions of 2100 mm x 3600 mm.

For laminating we use only original Japanese EVA SAFE BRIDGESTONE foil. It is the most technologically advanced foil in the world. It is 98% UV-resistant.


Types of laminating foil:

– Clear – Extra Clear for optiwhite glass – perfectly transparent – Frost effect – Satin – ROSCO coloured foils

Places of application:

– glass partition walls and all-glass units – glass doors, sliding doors – shower cabins – glass panels – glass canopies – floors and landings – worktops, reception desks