Shower cabins are made to order, to any size.

The shower cabins that we make:

  • corner,
  • bay shower cabins,
  • free-standing,
  • bath-top shower screen,
  • sliding,
  • WALK-IN shower walls


Functionality is one of the most important aspects that we have to consider when refurbishing a bathroom. During the planning and design stage, a number of challenges await you, such as the choice of a tile design or the right shower cabin. The difficulty of the task increases when the bathroom is tight, inoperative or has unusual wall arrangements. Ready-made glass shower cabins do not always meet the requirements imposed on us by the individual specification and dimensions of the bathroom. Thanks to our company, glass shower cabins are perfectly matched to your requirements and dimensions of the bathroom.

Shower cabin without shower tray.

Glass shower cabin without shower tray will make every bathroom unusual, will take on a unique
and modern character. In our offer you will find glass shower cabins, which shape and dimensions
are not limited. Installing the drain directly into the floor and eliminating the shower tray prevents
tripping which makes so designed cabin a perfect solution for children and the elderly.


The variety of solutions offered by our company makes it easier to design the right model for you. You can adjust the shape and size of your shower cabin at your own preference. At every stage of the process we provide you with advice, technical support as well as professional measurement.

Sliding glass doors are made of the following types of glass:

  • optiwhite – discoloured, crystal clear
  • float – greenish in colour
  • antisol in graphite/brown – pigmented throughout the mass
  • laminated – with printing, frost effect foil, decorative elements
  • matt-finished according to the design
  • NEW – TIMELESS glass – glass with a special coating that makes it easier to keep the shower cubicle clean.

pdf-download-icon Szkło-TIMELESS.pdf

pdf-download-icon Szkło-timeless-1.pdf