We provide a full range of glass-making services, including:

  1. Grinding of flat glass and mirrors in thicknesses from 3 mm to 25 mm.
  2. Grinding laminated glass up to 50 mm in thickness.
  3. Chamfering of flat glass and mirrors – chamfers from 5 mm to 4 mm wide, double-sided chamfering, double chamfering, chamfering on arc.
  4. Drilling flat glass and mirrors – hole diameters from 4 mm to 115 mm.
  5. Glass laminating in thickness max. up to 60 mm.
  6. Cutting and processing of flat glass and mirrors on CNC – cutouts, holes, glass tops
  7. Milling on the surface of flat glass and mirrors – different patterns and quantities of milling.
  8. Engraving flat glass and mirrors – any theme, very precise.
  9. Matt-finishing of flat glass and mirrors – with or without pattern.
  10. UV bonding of glass – e.g. glass display cabinets, shelves, furniture.
  11. Cutting flat glass and mirrors on an automatic glass cutting table
  12. Fitting paintings and mirrors in wooden frames.
  13. Unusual orders – making car mirror inserts, making flat glass for refrigerated counters, making flat glass for cars, excavators, agricultural devices and machines, making glass for visors in paint shops.

All services are performed using the most modern machines and equipment for glass processing. Our employees have many years of experience in manufacturing glass products thanks to which the quality of our goods and services is at the highest level.

Please feel free to use our services