We make balustrades from a safety glass;

  • laminated VSG, e.g. 44.2, 55.1
  • toughened ESG and laminated VSG e.g. 2×6 mm, 2×8 mm, 2×10 mm
  • single toughened, e.g. 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm

Balustrades can be made of the following types of glass:

  • FLOAT glass
  • OPTIWHITE glass ( discoloured, crystal clear )
  • SATIN glass
  • laminated glass with a clear foil EVA SAFE – BRIDGESTONE
  • laminated glass with EVA SAFE foil – EXTRA CLEAR – BRIDGESTONE
  • laminated glass with satin foil
  • laminated glass with a frost effect foil
  • laminated glass with coloured foil
  • laminated glass with decorative elements
  • matt glass in any design
  • NEW – glass with milling / engraving on the glass surface

Self-supporting balustrades – glass is mounted on stainless steel system rotors to the steps of a stairs(with or without handrails).

Self-supporting balustrades – the glass is mounted in the aluminium system profile.

Balustrades with posts – glass is mounted between the system posts.





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